I appreciate your constant presence..

Dear God,

I appreciate Your constant presence.

Thank You for holding my dreams safe and sacred.

Even when I had given up on my dreams, you never wavered.

Thank You for always believing in me.

Thank You for calling forth the very best in me.

Everything I need flows easily to me from Your limitless supply.

I share generously and lavishly as I am directed,

knowing that there is enough of everything for everyone.

I open my heart and mind to the Truth: Everything that the Lord has is mine.

I accept with a glad and grateful heart.

Thank You.

( Prayer excerpted from Dharma Sky )

It feels just right.

Life is yours and Bliss is within

Shared with Grace by Dr Naznin M.A Chimthanawala


Life joy

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Aging is inevitable, growing old is optional.

I come from a family of people who believe in living life to the fullest.I have strong and fond memories of my great aunt, who was more than a mother to my father.

During partition, she was in Karachi and had to circumstantially stay on there, never realizing how deep the chasm would be drawn between the two siblings of the same mother. The people there she claimed, all wanted a comfortable divide, if not one at all. But then, leaders and politicians have their own reasons and agendas and the common man is taught to dislike and distrust. Hate is a convenient weapon, wielded as and when, and of course the biggest incentive of all, religion.

God proposes and man disposes. Sounds hilarious in today’s world!

We are just pawns in the game played by the people in power. Not all are so. But the nice ones do seem to get lost in the vast ocean of opportune seekers. Maybe, this is not true, and it is only cynicism, that makes me want to opine, in not so favorable terms.

The point here is the will and dogged desire to live, in spite of all odds, or shall I put it this way that there are no odds, only evens that  do not sit properly and we have to juggle them to make them fit, if not perfectly, at least reasonably well. That is after all life.

I have seen my great aunt, climb up a stool at age 77 to change a fuse,  screw on the handle of a cooker which has come loose,  try to fix a frame on the wall. She was fiercely independent, and would have it no other way. There was not a sorry bone in her entire body.

I remember too the time when she had come to visit us in India. That was a time when Bobby-the Rishi Kapoor debut flick, was running to packed houses and the dotted fever was everywhere. We were going, for the second time and as a courtesy, we inquired of her if she would like to accompany us. She said that she was aware of our plans since the fervor of going to a film, which was a novelty of sorts, in those times, was already in the air, and she had worn her best outfit and was ready for it.

We told her that it was a peppy love story, unlike a Pakeezah, and she scathingly scoffed saying that she was up to any thought.

Bobby was well-structured and spontaneously sprouted, but there was no better love story than the one she shared with her own husband.

A romance that survived struggle, poverty, and five children. Uuufffff!!!!!!!!!!

A marriage may survive but so should romance and that is the trick to living. “Loving and laughing”.

My father today is 83 and does he want to live!!! With God’s grace, he has an active mind, sometimes overactive, and he does drive us up the wall at times, but he also is willing to listen and learn, especially from me. He reads, goes for walks, even in the rain, though my brother has banned him from going out of the lane( he has recently had four to five falls due to him not being able to keep his balance) which he has let me know, adding that Bhai dictates to him even though he should be the one doing so. I keep reminding him that role reversal is a necessary part of advancing age.

Nevertheless, we have to face many differing situations in life and the journey is rarely all smooth. Getting bogged down is disastrous to the essence of life and living.

We are alive, do not ever forget that. Life is our biggest blessing.

Dead is dead.

Even the belief in an afterlife does not excuse you from not living to the hilt today. This specific persona is not going to re-occur. So, Do all the good you can, see all the movies you can, read all you can. Evolve and bloody well grow. A few wrinkles are healthy and a sign that you have traversed a journey……bumpy and smooth in places.

I do not understand this obsession with age. Why would I want to be any other age than mine? Have fun while living. You do not have to be serious unless the situation warrants it.

Wrinkles are fun, worry lines are not.

Smile lines are groovy, frown lines are not.

Twinkling eye lines are sexy, smart Botox is passé,

Slim and straight is anorexic, curves are delicious,

Slim thighs are for motorbikes, plump thighs are juicy,

A slim hug is no hug at all, a well-rounded hug is waaarrrrmmmmm and comfy and a nice ‘jaadu ki jhappi’.

Tight pants are sinuous, loose salwars are mysterious.

Long plaited hair is virtuous, disheveled hair is wonderfully naughty. Short nails are neat, long nails are efficient tools,

Small feet are dainty, large feet are steady,

In life there are always undesirable things, so in order to feel better you just need to look at life from another direction.

A different perspective, renew your paradigm. I hope this message will bring fresh new ways of thinking to everyone and that everyone will appreciate and be thankful for each beautiful day. Faith is the continual demonstration of the strength and wonder of life, and laughter is joy.

Life is yours and Bliss is within,

Written with Grace by Dr. Naznin M.A. Chimthanawala.



Has anyone seen a beating heart? A live beating heart? Well, I have. And I am not a Cardio Thoracic surgeon. Nor am I a Heart Transplant specialist. But yet I have seen one. A live beating heart in a Box! Outside a body. It was amazing. The Science of it and also the Miracle of it.

A heart when it needs to be transplanted is naturally out of one’s body, and into another. But in this case, the donor heart was ready and out, but the recipient died with a massive cardiac arrest, and the heart was put away in a transparent incubator box, connected to a machine and beating away merrily, while the doctors searched for another worthy inheritor. The progress science has achieved!!!

But something else struck me.

Would this have been possible ‘x’ number of years ago? Probably not. But the thought, that it can happen, did generate ‘x’ number of years ago. By someone who was supposedly ordinary, but had the acumen to think out of the box and laid down the foundation for his/hers claim to fame. He stepped from obscurity into the realm of the extraordinary, by just A thought.


This is energising and propelling. All of us get stuck in our thinking. In fact we often proclaim,’ I don’t think like that’. Immediately putting your capabilities and thinking prowess on hold.

Let yourself go. Let yourself dream.

One’s thinking capacities are simply based on the width of their past and understanding of their current. But if you are smart and alert you should realise that whatever claims you have to knowledge are limited and bordered. Let yourself free and be creative in your mind. Let it roam. You will realise that there are more than a myriad things you do not know. Even about what you think you know and you confidently consider it the foundation of your knowledge base, and the plinth of your mind.

How wrong you are likely to be and how shamefully limited. Limited editions sound good only on advertisements and it is only there that their value gets labelled as exorbitant, for something that is so limited!.

But in life, once you limit your thinking, you are putting yourself into your funeral casket. With holes. So you shall exist, and not die, but evolvement is dubious.

Let yourself free.

Think out of the box. Think extraordinary.

There is always a discovery waiting to be discovered. There is a lot that you simply do not know.

Nature is unfathomable, and so is our brain, our gift, the last undiscovered continent of the world.

Don’t think. JUST BE. Let your think-tank get hooked with wanderlust. Travel of your mind is the best education you can present yourself.

And wait. There is hope and always something new when you turn the corner. Never give up hope. It is foolish to do so. Hang in there and keep on meandering!!!!

Miracles are a reality…

Life is yours and Bliss is within

Written with Grace by Dr Naznin M.A. Chimthanawala








Suicide help


The causes of suicide could be many.

But we as mental health professionals have the responsibility to search for the triggers of the clients and/or potential victims of suicide who come to us.

The important aspect is to not take a suicide threat casually.

Talk to the family members,

Help them connect with the disturbed client,

Find out causes of his/her mental state,

What are their daily activities,

When are the times they feel the need to be excessively alone,

Get them on medications with the consult of a psychiatrist

Connect with their friends or people they are close to, apprise them of your client’s intentions, and involve them in helping the potential victim.

Working together is the only way we can care for the person who wishes to commit suicide or feels that suicide is the only way out for them.

Let us, as a community help potential victims, supporting and accepting them and helping them understand that it is their life and their thoughts which has got them to this dark place, and a little forgiveness and compassion towards self, and love towards self can make them see the beauty in life.

Desperate moments come in all our lives. But in desperate moments it is important to remember to not resort to desperate measures!

We have an entire lifetime to live. Death comes only once.

Dr Naznin M.A. Chimthanawala

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Anxiety Key


This is for all those who suffer from anxiety.

The following are not all my words, (fragments I have read somewhere, intercepted with my own beliefs and views).


The only Key is to have Faith that things always get better.

You are over the worst, and have faced it, so why loose your equilibrium now?

Well these are mere words and who knows it better than I?

The following lines will appease if you let them.

They have a soothing appeal for me.


“There is

I know

But one way

Of fortifying my soul against these gloomy presages and terrors of my mind and that is by securing to myself the friendship and protection of the Being Above who disposes of events and governs Futurity.


He sees at one view, the whole thread of my existence, not only that part of it, which I have already passed through, but that which runs forward into all the depths of Eternity.


When I lay me down to sleep, I recommend myself to His care.

When I awake, I give myself to His direction. Amidst all the evils that threaten me, I will look up to Him for help, and question not, but have faith that He will either avert them, or turn them to my advantage”


Though I know neither the time nor the manner of the death I am to die,

I am not at all solicitous about it

Because, I am sure that He knows them both,

and that

He will not fail to comfort and support me under them,

as well as those who I leave behind.


Until I breathe, I shall try to be thankful, and do all the good I can, to all the people I can, with as clear a heart I can, and with only the intention to ease who and what I can.


I shall sleep asking only one thing of myself, whether by intent or without, have I hurt anyone today.

If yes, I ask for penance.

If not, I thank that I feel for many apart from myself.


‘I have only one lifetime to Do and Say and Feel and Be and Think,

All I want to, and Have to.

So Help Me God’.


Life is yours and Bliss is within.

Written and adapted by

Dr Naznin M.A. Chimthanawala