@50 Series

Article No. 5

Light from Leeds, UK.
Mamma Mia
I amaze at the quality of the sun.
It ripens a bunch of grapes so perfectly
as though it has nothing else to do at all.
Recently, i saw the film Mamma Mia part II.
The songs of ABBA are truly timeless and its lyrics embody everyday situations so well.
I went down nostalgia lane repeatedly and the ending message that a daughter is a wonderful companion and a friend and a blessing all rolled into one resonates with me blessedly.
I know that feeling and it does feel immensely like heaven.
I have yet to visit the famed heaven above, but here on earth it has been visited many times through the eyes of my kids and with them have stepped into my own paradise.
I would like this to be a message to all those who have children. Cherish them. And all your other relationships too.
We are a race which has the capacity to have friends in various hues and different shades of grapes.
Different sizes too.
Pluck them and savour them.
And know, very definitely that you are worth a ton to them too.
To all those who are trying for children, i would say,    don’t lose heart.
A will to nurture is primarily the quality that is required to be a parent.
So if you are one of those who are feeling low or out of this conversation, go out there and see the various choices available on your journey to having a baby.
If you choose to, you could adopt and provide a wonderful, educative, loving environment to someone’s child who will soon become your own.
Allowing you to fulfil your nurturing instincts, giving you a song to sing and somewhere, happily for all, amongst tears and grins, giggles and drama…life simply will flow on.
And one day you sing to your child, “ But i know i don’t possess you, With all my heart, God bless you. You are still my love. My life…
Mamma Mia it is !!
Life is yours & Bliss is within
Written with Grace