Day 102-Gratitude series. Echoes of Empathy

Day-102 Gratitude series Echoes of Empathy This is a shade of my intuitive writing, which I share, knowing it is with blessings that we are humans. We can think and emote. Can we pledge ourselves to use our qualities for the benefit of at least one other being? I think of my elders each day.Continue reading “Day 102-Gratitude series. Echoes of Empathy”

I am a miracle!

Day-100 Gratitude series 14.0820 I am a miracle! Woooo…..I reached my 100th article. What an amazing, transformational journey. I wished to write about something special for my 100th article and I searched for two days. Nothing seemed grand enough, unique enough, or right enough. And while browsing through my garden, I spied these two beautiesContinue reading “I am a miracle!”