Day 102-Gratitude series. Echoes of Empathy

Day-102 Gratitude series

Echoes of Empathy

This is a shade of my intuitive writing, which I share, knowing it is with blessings that we are humans.

We can think and emote.

Can we pledge ourselves to use our qualities for the benefit of at least one other being?

I think of my elders each day.

Sometimes each moment.

They are the irreplaceable losses of my life.

And yet the most cherished.

It is through them that I write.

My grateful-ness knows no bounds

Today, I reflect on the sacrifices of our nobility of centuries ago.What immense sacrifices and pain they took upon themselves to fight and be inflicted with wounds, just to give us the message of truth and love and to teach us to have the ability to stand up for what we believe in.

Our Faith.

God’s will and God’s work

Even if to most, God may be a hypothetical figure or name, we are all blessed to have someone in the name of the Most Revered.

It could be different to different people.

It does not matter.

We just have to remind ourselves of the essence, the flavour and the aroma of their teachings

Of Being.

My history reminds me of a Regal dynastic noble, who had light shining from his very countenance.

People who saw Him, lowered their eyes out of respect for the Brilliance that shone. He fought a war that need not have taken place Sometimes you have to fight to defend. And speak in a language which the person understands. Against all odds, HE fought an enemy who flouted all rules of war and decency.

Women and children were left without food-water for days. Valour, Truth, Courage, Skill and Stealth with two-edged sword he braved, for he was the Lord.

Sundown, His horse returned to the tent without the Regal Horseman. The pathos of all brethren then and a similar energy of truth and deep pain resonates with fervour even today.

The resonation is not for mere show. It is to remind us of the sacrifices laid down by our forefathers who are the forbearers of humanity. It is to remind us to be more compassionate each day, sharing true kindness with each soul, whoever they may be and however you may perceive them.

Every creature of this nature is deserving of a warm touch and kind word.

I, myself, have seen many trials, though they are absolutely trivial in comparison to the above history. But I know deep inside that it is their blessings, with which, I have risen. They have sent good people down my path who have made life easier and paved doors where there were none and thrown the window panes open to let the Light and Joy in.

I was provided with people who loved me and blessings of a loving family and a noble man who adored me and even today he has sent me the twinkling smiling sky to do so.

The light behind the grey cloud.

It is a trust in Him where words become superfluous and actions are mere that. The truth of knowing love within,is so sure that no physical proof is needed.

The contact is telepathic and connect is intertwined.


Today I call for each one reading this article to resonate with Kindness and Joy at being Alive.

Let us all together , count our blessings and with ease, Let Loose “ECHOES OF ENPATHY’ that reach far and wide creating a CARAVAN of Compassionate Human Beings.

Lets make our Forefathers proud.

Written with Grace & Gratitude

Life is mine and Bliss is within

©Dr Naznin.



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